Init GPT/PMT with resize option

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Init GPT/PMT with resize option

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Professional people know a lot about damaged and semi-damaged flash chip. In most case the onlybway to repair phones with semi-damaged flash chip is SOLDERING.
Not so many people ready to make this work.
But now you can try to fix phone with semi-damaged flash chip WITHOUT SOLDERING!

The idea is: set limit for flash chip space usage. So f.e. if your phone has 16Gb flash and part of it is damaged you can set a limit and use only 10Gb instead of 16Gb.
In this case phone will have less memory but phone WORKS!

During last days it was done many tests and result is: 6 out of 11 completely dead phones become alive WITHOUT SOLDERING!

Yes yes, I know, you are very smart and you may say "and what?" The amswer is: make your phone alive without soldering and see result after some time!

HowTo :
1. Init MemoryTool
2. By clicking right mouse button, select in context menu Extra -> Init GPT/PMT with resize
3. Select scatter for your device ( you always can read it from this device )
4. In new menu, by moving track, select desizer user size. Left - decrease, right - increase.
5.1 In order of TEST try recommend set left corner with smaller User Size.
5.2 In case of success test - operation can be repeated with bigger value.
6. Close MemoryTool. Make SmartReset to accept changes.


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