help imei repair not show

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help imei repair not show

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my tool spd or sp2 or scr
scurity tool not show

thin info my smartcard
=== DongleManager [Infinity] v1.88 [26/08/2021 20:40:41] ===
Card-Reader: Generic EMV Smartcard Reader 0
HWID: 0106768624881292
Box/Dongle found: Infinity [BEST]
Serial No (S/N): F54C7686
Firmware version: 0122.02
"UK Edition" status: Off
Last launched Application: 0031 v.0127
=> Activations:
- 00: Infinity-Box/Dongle [CM2] v0150
- 03: Infinity [BEST] v0122
=> Options:
- Infinity [BEST]
- Infinity [BEST2]
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Re: help imei repair not show

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Put empty file with the name to folder with software.
And don't forget - this option is for original value repair, always check back sticker for correct value.
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